Officially a #RustansBeautyAddict: Perricone, MD Stash


Can’t even begin how delighted I was upon receiving this goody bag. As you all might already know by now, I’m IN LOVE with the skin care and now a make-up brand: Perricone, MD. A few weeks back, I was already sent a package that had their No Foundation Foundation SERUM and their No Concealer Concealer. I posted about it on my IG and well, pretty much raved about it everywhere else. This week, lo and behold, another package from the brand arrived, now with more of their highly rated products: No Foundation Foundation, No Lipgloss Lipgloss, No Mascara Mascara and No Blush Blush. The gist of why I love this brand is how Perricone MD prides itself on their dermatologist-studied and tested items. They’re very meticulous about the details, adding in specific ingredients to address specific target areas.

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The best thing about their foundation serum, foundation (not serum) and blush is that all are formulated in a way which the product spreads on so smoothly. They aim to perfect the no make-up make-up look and well, they’ve done well. It’s light, breathable and it doesn’t cake- which I deem very important. In this Philippine weather, you kind of need to invest on products like that- especially if you’ve found those compatible with your skin.


   No Foundation Foundation : an anti-aging treatment that has SPF 30. Its benefits are due to the use of Alpha Lipoic Acid which is scientifically formulated to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and enlarged pores while improving the appearance of skin texture.


No Blush Blush: anti-aging treatment also with SPF 30. This restores the appearance of lift and volume and imparts a healthy color to highlight the cheeks. It makes use of DMAE which is scientifically formulated to help firm and tone the appearance of the skin.

Their No Concealer Concealer is nothing short of amazing. It says on the box that this doesn’t crease. I have an odd crease on my right under eye for some reason so when I apply product on, after just a bit, you’ll already notice a slight line. Must have I applied concealer with more pressure on that side? I don’t know. Well, for whatever reason, I have a crease and it gets pretty obvious with other concealers. This one works well for me. It creases JUST A BIT (I think it’s inevitable as I have already stretched my undereye to that point) and it isn’t obvious unless you look very closely. But who gets that close to your face, right? Haha. Oh and one thing you might not like (that is totes okay with me) is its smell. It doesn’t smell like vanilla or usual foundation but I say that that may be a good thing. That shows us that they don’t add unnecessary ingredients that may be detrimental to our skin in the long run. Sometimes, fragrance could even be the cause of your skin irritation. Sensitive skin will appreciate this.

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The No Mascara Mascara is good. My lashes aren’t very long. Mark’s lashes are way prettier than mine so I’m taking this with me everywhere. It works well for me so it might for you, too. Give it a shot.


No Mascara Mascara: an anti-aging lash treatment with a universal, deep color. It nourishes, defines and lifts lashes. It makes use of Neuropeptides that are scientifically formulated messenger molecules that help boost the appearance of suppleness and firmness.

The No Lipgloss Lipgloss is “Kara-approved.” Haha! We all know how I’m more inclined to anything matte so for me to recommend this glossy one, you’re good to go. It gives the right pigment that you’d want for everyday use. Not too much, not too little- just right. If you’re aiming for the natural glow, this is the one for you.


No Lipgloss Lipgloss : an anti-aging treatment with SPF 15 that is to enhance youthful color and definition. It gives a natural, glossy finish. This also makes use of the Neuropeptides used in their No Mascara Mascara.

For those who need to compare products or for those who need to test them out first before placing an order, good news: they’re all available in Rustan’s The Beauty Source! I used to only see this brand in the States, specifically Sephora so ya’ll are all lucky that Rustan’s brought it in for you guys.

Even better news: Rustan’s has a BEAUTY ADDICT CARD that you can all avail to complement your shopping habits. If you’re a skin care + make-up junkie like me, then we have been blessed with this genius idea. If you already spend a lot (sometimes more than you should- I’m guilty of this. Hehe) on beauty products, why not avail of something that will give you extra benefits AND special offers? It’s hitting two birds with one stone. Any customer of legal age and with a minimum of ONLY Php 2,500, can apply through a digital application in-store to become a Beauty Addict member.

There actually already is an event this month so I suggest that you get this card so we can shop together and talk about make-up in person. You know how passionate I am about anything skin care/ make-up so this should be a field day for us. It’s not open to all. It’s a big thing so it’s by invite only and for those who have their Beauty Addict Card (which is so easy to get). #AreYouABeautyAddict? If you apply for the Beauty Addict Card in the store, you will also get an exclusive invite to this biggest beauty event of the year. Come celebrate beauty with Moet and all your other favorite brands at #RustansBeautyAddict. See you guys there! #OPENTHENOW #MOETMOMENT #CELEBRATETHENOEW

Please follow @rustansthebeautysource on Instagram and Facebook for more details.

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