Went Loco for Your Local

Briefly writing about my late lunch today with Mark at Your Local just ’cause. Disclaimer: I went to have a quick bite after a casting so I didn’t take proper photos nor proper descriptions to blog about. I was just really hungry and I needed good food (You guys have been there too, ok? Those times when all you want to do is E-A-T. You understand. Haha!). I’ve decided to blog about it since you guys looked like you liked what you saw (on my IG) and maybe telling you about what I think about their food would be a good idea.

I barely exerted any effort in taking those pictures as the plating was very much on point (Don’t you just love it when the presentation is already Instagram-ready? Saves us so much time) . You know how some dishes look real good in photos but don’t taste the way they look? Well, the way our food looked today definitely translated into its taste.

First up is the dish I had (Mark didn’t want fish) : Toasted Salmon Donburi. I’m sure this is familiar to you. Many, if not all, of their visitors have posted about this. Not only does it look good on your IG, it’s actually really filling. For the price of Php540, you have yourself lunch and a late dinner. I think I finished only 3/4 of it. This dish consists of torched norwegian salmon (cooked medium), mentaiko, oboro, ebiko and salmon skin on roast corn and shitake black rice. Personally, I enjoy drinks/food with add-on’s that I can chew such as coffee jelly, leek, etc. This had the perfect amount of crunchy for me. I don’t regret the carbs one bit and I’m definitely coming back for a second round.



The second dish that I’d like to share my thoughts on is their Steak Fried Rice. This was Mark’s order. I only had a taste so I can’t really comment on this as much as I’d like to. What I could say though is that it reminds me of Wildflour’s Kimchi Rice except this is a 150g Korean spiced Sher Wagyu with sunny side-up eggs and fresh herbs on shiitake fried rice. The biggest difference for me is their meat. If you’re into thick slices, that’ll be Wildflour. If you are into the thinly sliced ones and a dish with more of a topping variety, this is for you. At first glance, according to Mark, he thought that he’d get bitin. If you watched my Snapchat story though, you would have seen how stuffed he was after. Haha. Takaw tingin. It’s tasty and it doesn’t leave you hanging. If you’re willing to shell out P680 for a good, slightly spicy dish of meat, this is for you!

By the way, Mark got the Tai Mai Shu cocktail as well. I wasn’t able to get a photo because again, our mindset was to get started on the meals ASAP. This drink was recommended to us as Mark asked for their “strongest” one. Their cocktails are at Php390. It may be a bit pricey but compared to other curated cocktails, these are tagged just right. Anyway. The Tai Mai Shu is of dark rhum, 151, pineapple, orgeat, lemon and orange peel. I’d say that it’s a girly drink by smell, looks and initial taste but IT’S ACTUALLY PRETTY STRONG. Mark asked for the “strongest” and man, did they give it to him. Haha. The hit after may vary but for someone with my tolerance, you might want to pass on that and order another one. It may be called “Tai Mai Shu” for a reason. If you know what I mean.


For the third dish, the grand finale: THEIR CEREAL MILK ICE CREAM. Guys, there is no way I’m going to let you visit Your Local and leave without ordering this. Considering that this sells for just Php280, this is actually a pretty big dessert plate. It has berry mascarpone and Fruity Pebbles cereal bits surrounding the 3 scoops of ice cream. Again, I enjoy chewy toppings. Note-worthy is the fact that it looks so adorable. Seriously, would you look at that? Ugh. EYE CANDY. The taste exceeds your initial expectations. You may mistake it for a normal ice cream order with toppings but oh man, this is just way more than that. The ice cream has a thick consistency, rich taste and a generous amount of toppings  (which I appreciate. I just want to give the -_- emoji look when restaurants are so kuripot with their add-on’s). I could only do one scoop today but that’s soley because I have been binge eating this entire week. If I had no shame, Mark would probably be left with just 1 scoop and I would have claimed the other 2.

DSC03221 (1)


Aside from the food, you’ll like the ambiance. The dimly lit room, comfy seats and the open kitchen are a few of my favorite things. Their staff was the most accommodating and they were just all smiles. I mean “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJs came on and I saw two of their chefs dancing up a Running Man Challenge. Too cute! The interiors are IG-approved especially on a bright sunny day. Sit by the window and BAM! You’ve got yourself a pretty photo to upload.

Okay, fine. That wasn’t a brief-brief post. I couldn’t help it. I feel the need to always expound. I feel like I owe it to you, my dear readers. My next food post will be more in-depth. I’ll even ask for the secret menu of the next restaurant for ya!

That’s it for now! Posting at 12am because I know that you’re probably starving right now and well, to aid your thoughts on food, let this be of help.

Watch out for my blog giveaways by the way! The sponsors are just… AHHHH! Basta. Stay tuned!

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