ELEMENT Boutique Hotel

Where do I even begin? I have been meaning to blog about this before I even left for the States but I never got the chance to. My stay in the States was way too hectic for words and there has just been so much to do ever since my return but hey, who’s complaining? 😉

I’ve been looking for a boutique hotel in Makati to cater to my de-stressing needs for the longest time and I’ve finally found “The One.” It’s called the ELEMENT Boutique Hotel and it’s literally a walk from Bucky’s or if you’re into the healthier lifestyle and you’re okay with longer walks, Powerplant Mall.

First impression: industrial and modern. Oh how I love a good interior design. It catches the sun’s rays perfectly and if you’re thinking about Instagram-worthy lighting then, you’ve got the place. Whether it be their restaurant or the rooms, the area is made to make all your photos look good.

Upon arrival, we were received by the most gracious hosts who are also the owners. They are Armand and Elizabeth Elliot. Talk about two of the sweetest people in the world! I know a genuinely nice person when I see one and calling them that would be an understatement. We had zero problems and they were so hands-on that our stay there was beyond the good that we had expected.

We start with how the place looks upon entrance. Very chic and it instantly transports you out of the city. I don’t know if they designed the place to catch the air that way or if they just picked a great location! Even without airconditioning, it was as breezy as it could get. Their restaurant is to the right of the entrance and their food is just perf. Armand, the owner, happens to be the chef and man, was the food amaaaaze. You can tell that the food is spent time on and it isn’t an order-in-order-out kind of dynamic. It’s a must try! You can even get their restaurant’s dishes as room-service. Yum!

Did you know that I was choosing between Medicine and Architecture? Well, doctor or architect, I approve! I’m sure you understand why my heart instantly fell in love with this place the moment I laid eyes on it. The previous photos are just from the lobby. Bet you can’t wait for what the room looks like! I took a million photos for you guys just so you can see the hotel in almost every angle.

Check out the hallways. I mean, if you’re into the artsy feel well, they’ve got it all set for you. The concrete stairs, the metal pieces on the wall, the hand-painted art- LOVE.


So this is how the living room looks like in the day. They even have a comprehensive book selection you can actually pull out and read. They have an L-couch. AN L-COUCH. I love L-couches!!!!!! I need these bookshelves in my life. Saving these photos as per reference in the future.

Doesn’t it give you such a modern feel? The curtains were not dusty by the way. Pet peeve in certain hotels: curtains that give me the sniffles. Everything was spick and span. The room smelled so crisp upon entrance as well. Bonus points for me! Hey, there are rooms that are clean but with no smell so having that crisp smell I love adds points on my list.

When you lay down on the bed, you’ll see this to your right. I don’t know about you but doesn’t this just calm your mind? I was instantly transported to the beach. Ahhh, this is the life. The tropics in the city.

This is also what you’ll be seeing as you’re laying down on the bed. In the middle of the room, what divides the living room from the bed room is a wall that has a mirror/tv. ARGUABLY MY FAVE PART OF THE ENTIRE ROOM. You can spin it upon preference. If you want to watch tv in the living room, spin. If you want to watch tv as you’re on the bed, give it another spin. Oooh another bonus thing? THEY HAVE AN HDMI PORT. #YAAAAAS. Korean telenovelas, please?


Their bathroom. WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT. I love the industrial feel!!!!! AAAH CONCRETE WALLS. FAVE FAVE. Even the bathtub has the same material. Imagine using a bath bomb here. BEAUTIFUL. If you haven’t noticed the shower head, BOOM. The waterfall kind. Yup, I can stay here for houuuuurs.


The entire design is so well-thought of. *applause*

Another bonus point: THEY HAVE SOCKETS EVERYWHERE. They were very generous to provide several plugs for their customers. You can charge everything at the same time without having to keep switching. Blowdry your hair? Plug in speakers? Charge your camera? Phones? You got it. Oh and their bed? Oh man, it’ll knock you out in seconds. Their pillows are as fluffy as any pillow can get. You think I’m sugar-coating? Hm. Book a room and you’ll see.

Thought of taking photos of how the room looks like at night. Ain’t it a beauty? The room was perfectly lit and they use yellow light. If you’re picky about lighting, well, this will satisfy your OC-ness. Still good for photos. Not too warm, not too cool. It’ll put you right into the best mood.


If you ask me what I like best about this hotel, off the bat, I’d say that it would be the way it took away all my stress. The ambiance, the staff, the services- they all fit into place. This was exactly what I needed after my consecutive weeks of exams and requirements. I can’t wait to bring my Med friends here. I feel like they’ll need this just the same.

If you wonder how I stay sane in the middle of all things Med, it’s the secret of switching things up. I don’t like following routines and studying in the same place. I need to keep changing it up to keep things exciting. This room is best for doing work and for getting the rest we all deserve.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the price, all rooms are VEEEERY affordable. Check their site out for the listings. (http://www.elementboutiquehotelmakati.com)

Proof-reading this blog entry makes me feel that by now, you guys think I was paid to write all of these good words. Well, guess what? They didn’t even read this before I posted. I’m not even required to post a blog post! This is all from initiative. I share because I loved in entirely.

I can’t wait to book again. Maybe another stay before school begins? 😉

Again, to one of the cutest and most accommodating couples I know, Armand and Elizabeth, I’m most grateful. This was a stay beyond words. Can’t wait to order room-service again and plop down on that bed. See you soonest!



Element Boutique Hotel Bar and Restaurant is located in the heart of Makati.

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