White Not? : NIVEA Deo Extra White Serum

I don’t know about you girls but I don’t have the guts to wear anything that bares my underarms if they are dark and stubby. Quite honestly, I don’t know how others are able to muster up that much confidence to raise up a peace sign when their underarms are just, well, you know- not that presentable.

Thank goodness I have discovered a product that works! I’m sure you guys have seen me post about it here and there a couple of times. It’s called the NIVEA Deo Extra White Serum. See, what I love about this is that it delivers what it claims to offer. It’s the very first deo serum in the Philippines and it doesn’t roll on into gunk. I’ve been using it for months and well, notice my recent OOTD addition? Yup, more tube tops and tanks! That’s cause I’ve gotten a boost in my self-esteem all thanks to NIVEA.

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My underarms are not only whiter, but they’re much smoother! I feel fresh 24/7 and this is probably the most essential of it all. It’s so humid in UST and I’m in white! I can’t afford sweat stains while wearing my V-neck. Imagine me auscultating a patient and people in the wards can see the sweat seeping through. One of the worst nightmares, for sure! Looking clean is a must in not only Med School but also in our every day lives.


Oh! Last but not the least. The smell of this is amaaaaaaaazing. You don’t smell like soap. It smells like light perfume you’d have stashed in your bag. I’m serious. They chose its fragrance well! Haha #ItsAlsoAboutTheLittleThings

Using this will help you feel much more confident about yourself. Hopefully to the same extent that it did with me. Don’t be shy to try something new everyday. Bring yourself to your #NextLevelYou.

This NIVEA Deo Extra White Serum is available in almost every drug store and convenience store near you! Try it out and leave me a comment on how much you like it!

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